Baku Funshigi

Action 2002 Windows 3D action adventure

Bonkers but enjoyable maze game

If a game's title were a guarantee of its quality, then Baku Funshigi would be an undisputed masterpiece. However, while it can't quite claim to take such a position, it's a reasonably inventive and enjoyable action game that is worth a look. The goal is simple enough and players are required to pilot a sort of tank through a maze, while avoiding the walls and the enemies which lie within. It's a sort of fancified version of classics like Pacman and Marble Madness, but with a tank instead. It's simple enough to get the idea, as you only need to worry about the speed and direction of your tank. However, while this might sound a little dull, the game's fairly realistic physics mean there is a lot of challenge to be found here. You can't simply go around at any old pace, without thinking about your brakes or how to take a corner and instead must exercise at least a bit of intelligence as you negotiate the maze. There are of course plenty of obstacles standing between you and success like turnstiles and lakes, but there are some handy powerups just waiting to be grabbed which will help you out. The game starts out pretty tricky as it takes a while to get your head around the controls and the way your tank handles so be prepared for a little early frustration. However, once it all clicks, you'll find things a lot more enjoyable and the game actually becomes pretty cool. The levels are well designed and challenging and while the visuals are straightforward and somewhat lacking in personality, they certainly do the job well enough. Baku Funshigi isn't a classic but it is worthy spending some time with if you enjoy rolling around mazes.

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