Action 2002 Windows Transhuman Design Shooter Indie

Worms like, but with real miniature soldiers!

In Soldat you are the commander of a group of field soldiers, much in the style of the Worms titles of yore. However, the game plays in real time, and you have to control your soldiers faster, as there are no times in between turns. Instead, in order to keep the conflict in check, weapons once fired have a certain amount of cool down, so as to allow you to control them without having to go hyper! But all in all, with a combination of Rambo like tactics, with powers and super powers and XP delivered for each particular kill you can make, this turns into quite a strategic conflict. The game is built in a sidescroller fashion, however the world is 3D, though you only see it from the sides, so it's better to think of it as a 2.5 type game. Controls wise it's nice, with mouse controlling the direction of your shooting, and the other controls nicely clustered on the keyboard, for easy access. So, download it alongside a Worms title and see which one you like more: the much more cartoony and turn based worms, or the soldiers of this game here, with their superpowers and cool demeanors!

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