Project Eden

Action 2001 Windows Eidos Oriental 3D action adventure Tpp Sci fi

Full action, full fun

It is an action orientated game which involves puzzles and a bit of adventure as well. The theme in the game is quite a typical one for this genre. You have the underworld to deal with where you will counter many criminals, wretched and the cultists who are active in their malicious activities. You work in a an security agency and your mission in the game is to a lead a team of four and take down the criminals behind the missing of some workers that work at a meat factory. The game involves classic action sequences but is not an FPS shooter. The combat is however from the first person perspective and is really catchy in terms of the variety of weapons and destruction elements. The game also involve some very good and intriguing 3D puzzles which are the part of your mission to resolve mysteries and to progress in the game. Every team member has some distinct traits which the other members does not possess. So you will need all of them for different parts of the mission. The graphics in the game are very good and so is the user interface. The same can be said about the controls which are perfect with the gameplay. Try Enclave if you want some more serious action.

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