Project IGI 2: Covert Strike

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company 3D action adventure Shooter Fpp Stealth

Project IGI 2 strange name for a good game

As a sequel to rather buggy and unplayable Project IGI, this game set out to change it's bad reputation and fix issues & bugs that plagued it. While it is not fully rid of them in this second edition, overall quality is better, allowing for entertaining game-play that will last for many hours.Game itself is a fps with stealth approach, meaning you will spend most of the game sneaking around taking bad guys out from distance and from behind. Best resembling Ghost Recon series and Thief series. User interface is intuitive and polished, graphics stand out and the sound only adds to the overall feeling of well-balanced game. While it is a stealth shooter, arsenal of weapons at your disposal is very big and diverse. You can pack only small sidearms and a knife or bring in the big guns such as machine guns and sniper rifles. I do not recommend trying to pass the game by shooting all out, because AI is very good at shooting. In fact, you will be lucky if the bad guys don't hit your left eye from 500 meters away.

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