Ball Blazing Fantasy

Adventure 2003 Windows KENTAURI Action based Role playing

Marble Madness and Dizzy into one!

Ball Blazing Fantasy is a pretty fascinating game, well done, and well produced, based around the idea of combining the Marble Madness ball moving around in an area, with Dizzy, the egg protagonist type of puzzle heavy adventure game. Thus, in this game, you will both have to control a character around, making sure he follows the path you want him to, with careful consideration and with very incisive and direct commands, and then, put your mind to the test and solve the puzzles that the game is sprinkled with, here and there. All in all, this is still, mostly, a feel good game, so don't expect to be too hard. But the fact that it engages you both as an action game, as well as a smart puzzly type of game, is what makes it very interesting and furthermore, important in the realm of combo games. Graphically it's a retro build, modern, since it was released in 2003, but produced so that it looks a little bit older than it actually is. I liked the murky graphics, but loved the clear and modern interfacing too. Sure worth it for lovers of arcade titles that twist classic games in novel ways!

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