Time Machine

Adventure 2000 Windows Cryo Myth and legend Action based Role playing Casual Minigame Arcade

Not exactly Dr. Who

Only those truly desperate for something to do and completely lacking in access to any other games on the face of the planet should investigate the mysteries of this particular Time Machine. Any point-and-click adventure, from Myst to Riven, is better than this pointless, badly written excuse for a game, so unless you truly enjoy dire games, avoid this like the plague. The uninteresting and overly convoluted plot relates how a mad professor has unwittingly activated a chain reaction of events which will destroy the planet if allowed to go unchecked. It falls to you, as the professor's young assistant, to venture into his laboratory and make use of his time machine in order to travel through history to find a series of objects which can save humanity. What follows is a tedious hidden object game which involves poking around twenty different locations, scrabbling for random items in a vain attempt to find some meaning in everything. The whole thing plays out in strictly linear fashion (something which the description strangely boasts about) so it's simply a case of going from one zone to the next, looking for more pointless objects to complete your quest. Time Machine really is the nadir of the adventure genre and while hidden object games can sometimes prove entertaining, this one muffs it completely. The story is trite and unimaginative, while the environments aren't exactly thrilling to explore and there's very little to actually do being stabbing away at the screen. In case you hadn't guessed, this is not recommended.

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