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Sci-fi racing fun

Perhaps one of the finest science fiction racing games ever released, WipEout still stands up well today and should be counted as a must-play for any serious racing fan. The premise is simple enough and sees players taking part in the F36000 anti-gravity racing league of 2052, picking a slick craft from a nicely varied selection and then heading out onto the track to do battle with an aggressive bunch of fellow drivers. So far, so simple, but it's the addition of a wide range of both offensive and defensive weapons, the pumping techno soundtrack and the stunning futuristic visuals and clever track layouts that make WipEout the classic it is. The weapons include the likes of missiles, mines, shock waves and shields and their inclusion really brings the game to a whole new level, adding strategy and even more action to the basic high octane gameplay. The game is also notable for its music with a full-on hardcore dance soundtrack that really adds to the atmosphere and gets the adrenaline going like nothing else. Tracks are imaginative and well-designed, really testing the player's skills and providing some genuinely thrilling moments in the chaos, while visually, the game remains impressive, with superb lighting effects that really bring the future alive. If criticisms are to be made, it can be tricky getting used to the controls to start with, but once you have got the hang of things, the actual difficulty level is fairly low, with AI opponents that don't put up too much of a struggle. However, if you can get past this, then there is a lot of fun to be had with WipeOut and checkout WipEout XL or Megarace 3 for more sci-fi racing action.

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