Back to the Future 3

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Image Works Platformer Arcade style

Loved the movie? you'll love the game

If you were grown up during 80s, you will really enjoy downloading and playing Back to the Future 3. The game is an arcade style action platform game which has a lot of fun variety in the gameplay and really brings out the theme of the movie on which it is based. The game is not just a simple shooting action but also has a lot to offer in terms of A1 and the variety of action. The level designs in the game are the prime feature because they appear like mini games and have their distinct cut scenes that have been taken from the movie. The whole series has been able to cater a large fan base but this one has been special in terms of many features. The graphics in the game are very well defined and they give a detailed view of the action. The action has also been supported by some good animations like you see in the gallery shootout sequence and the other action scenarios in the game. The controls have also been very well calibrated with the gameplay and the user interface is very simple and intuitive. The music is like the one that has been seen in the movie and the gaming options are mode are also diverse. For more action packed fun, try Bad Dudes.

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