Bionic Commando

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Capcom Platformer Arcade style

A classic (action-platform)!

Wow, Bionic Commando is a must-have. This game is a platform horizontal shooter game which combines the element of adventure and strategy into the action, so great mix you'd like to try altough its age. The plot in the game is that you will play as a rookie solider who has been assigned the task of rescuing the real protagonist from an evil federations. The game also uses some Nazis reference but in manner that does not give rise to any controversy. The name of this game is based on the fact that your character features a bionic arm which can do a variety of different action and is really destructive. With the arm, you can swing from one place to another like a Tarzan and can also use it to shoot at your enemies. The Bionics arm in the game will only be activated with a key combination that is not that easy to master. The game might feel initially boring but when the bionic arm comes into play, it really becomes fun and addictive. The level designs in the game are very well thought out and they game has a lot of surprise elements at every level. The graphics are also very well designed and the user interface is also top notch. Commando is another very good fun action game.

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