Barney Bear Goes to Space

Puzzle 1992 Dos Free Spirit Software Education

Barney bear learning about space!

The lovely Barney Bear, with which some of us will be familiar with from some other games cartoons, is a cool and interesting bear that wants to learn about science. He's thus going on a trip to a lot of places in the world where he can learn more about the subject, and in his trip he'll visit a launch pad area and even the depths of outer space. This is delivered as an educational adventure game, with a cool text to speech portion, if you want to use it, which transforms text into audible speech, though not that well. But the puzzles and the info you get about space, space flight and everything in between is pretty cool, and worth exploring. It's as I mentioned for kids, preschoolers mostly, but it can be enjoyed by older folk also, but best played by these as sidekicks to their little ones. The entire series is well done and full of wit and educational ideas. Download also Barney goes to Farm, for yet another version of this game, this time more focused on closer to Earth ideas, yet just as fun.

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