Barney Bear Goes to School

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Free Spirit Software Education Cartoon Preschool

The cutest and yet value adding toddler edutainment!

In this game you get tutored by Barney Bear in a variety of primary school subjects, from math to geometry to physics and so on. The game is delivered in a classroom like environment, and Barney Bear is the teacher. You will get to answer questions, solve rudimentary arithmetic problems and other such things. The graphics are cute, almost styled so that they look as doodles done by children, though, they can vary. The controls are simple, and you can use your mouse as well, and, thus, the game is very easy to use and to get into. So, all things considered, Barney Bear Goes to School is a very well done game, highly valuable in terms of the lessons it teaches and very well produced, in terms of how it teaching valuable ideas and concepts. For toddlers it's as great as Super Solvers and a bit more colorful and enticing graphically, which is always important for youngsters. So, without a doubt, you need to try it, it won't disappoint! Granted, it's not the best looking edutainment game out there, but it sure plays great and teaches a lot of important and useful concepts.

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