Epic Baseball

Sport 1995 Dos Micro League Baseball

Not that epic but surely playable; also, good graphics

Epic Baseball is a standard early days kind of baseball game, where you play all the game's positions and disciplines. Each and every one of them is delivered as a minigame that mainly tests your reaction speed, perception and hand eye coordination. Which is not to say that it doesn't do for an entertaining experience, far from it, more than half of these games were bult on a similar kind of premise and idea. No, what made me look a little bit miffed was the fact that the game truly doesn't try to come up with nothing extraordinary. Nothing at all. And as such, it's just a repeat of the same old, same old, ideas and things that I was used from these games. Not that there is something wrong with using them over and over again, but, well, I guess after a while you just get tired of them. At any rate, I have to be honest and say that at least the animations and the graphics, for what they are, they are good looking enough, maybe a little more than many others, and so, it might make a gret option for those that haven not had enough of these baseball oldies. And, as a good downlonad alternative, try Hardball 5, old, yet with that distinct pseudo 3D look that was all the hype during that period.

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