Radio Baseball

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Text based baseball sim

Radio Baseball, in spite of the fact that is pretty primitive, delivered only through math and text info, is an actually developed and actually pretty deep when it comes to the simulation parameters. You can buy and sell players, you can train them, change the in game strategy before a game or within the same game. The info is fragmented in as many portions as it feels good, without being overwhelming, and thus, Radio Baseball is actually pretty playable. Sure, you have to get (re)used to text based inputs only, but it's not that hard to do, all in all. A good thing is that baseball players are individually created with a number of stats that you always have a good idea of what to expect from them, even if there is some level of unknown, of randomness that governs the game. SO, overall, if you're ready to go back to a very simple interface, and don't mind the total lack of graphics, Radio Baseball will deliver a playable experience. Else download something like Earl Weaver Baseball, a top down action baseball game, decent throughout.

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