Bat 'n Ball

Action 1995 Dos ButtonSoft Arcade style

Cool combo of brick breaking and pong!

Bat 'n Ball is a cool mix of two gameplay styles; on one hand you have the classic ball throwing gameplay style looking to break the walls of the opponent (you can play against the PC, or against a human opponent, or even against yourself, by controlling more than just one paddle). The cool idea of the game is that it breaks the screen into its 4 corners, and, from there, it allows you to control your paddle on the x and y axis, following the brick wall closely. The idea is that the speed of the game increases as you go on, but your paddles stay at the same speed, so that ultimately you don't spend huge amounts of time playing just one round. Thus, even if combining Breakout and Pong may seem gimmicky, as you keep playing, you find that it actually works satisfactory, which, after all, is all you can ask of a game such as this one. So, more or less, Bat 'n Ball is a relaxing action/puzzler, and it plays nice enough, which is what it should all be about. So have it in your collection of simple but cool remixes of classic arcade games – it will fit the profile just fine.

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