Action 1996 Dos Dosbox D-India Software Platformer Arcade style

Refreshing sidescroller platformer

Few games took to the road of Super Mario on the NES. Yes, there was the Giana Sisters series, but that one was such a sincere love story to the NES sidescrollers, especially Super Mario, but also some other games on the platform. But at the end of the day, while great, it oculdn not be said to be original. But not the same can be said of Aro, a nice, original as an NES like sidescroller could be, and quite honestly, a very well produced and well interesting game. Also, what makes this one really interesting to sink into is the very well produced control scheme,and the physical way in which your character moves. Plus, the 8bit simplicity of design and looks of the NES are also seemingly introduced in the game, which also makes this one such a pleasure to play. Also, it has lots of surprises if you try to bounce around and find what the game has to offer. It has hidden paths, secrets, and alternatives, which is another staple of Mario likes, but it doesn't wear that on its sleeve, openly, it remains its own game. Definitely worth a look.

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