Abmis the Lion

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox ButtonSoft Platformer Arcade style

Poor mix of lions, potatoes, puzzles and platforms

Whoever designed this rather obscure platformer didn't really know much about lions or game design and unfortunately it proves to be a rather poor entry into the genre which is worth passing over by anyone except the most avid platform game or lion fan. The game doesn't get off to a good start with either its visuals or its premise. The rather thin background details how the kingdom ruled by Abmis is suffering due to having had its potatoes stolen. It of course falls to King Abmis to venture forth and recover them all before his citizens starve. Quite why a lion would be quite so worried about potatoes is a bit of a mystery, but this is a game after all and they don't always make sense. Anyway, this epic quest translates into a series of side scrolling platform levels which Abmis must navigate, avoiding the various hazards that get in his way and collecting the fallen potatoes, while making use of various objects to help him solve the basic puzzles which also stand between him and success. That's pretty much all there is to the game to be honest and unless you are a younger gamer or just very easily amused, there's little in the way of entertainment here. The visuals are pretty basic and while they are certainly colourful that's about the only positive thing to say about them. A similar comment can be made about the sound but the less said the better. The game is quite difficult but that isn't really in its favour as when combined with its lack of appeal in other areas it is simply likely to cause most gamers to switch off and go elsewhere. For a bit of truly classic platforming action mixed with puzzling and an abundance of personality, check out the Dizzy series instead. That's how it is done.

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