Batman Forever: the Arcade Game

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Beat em up

Lacked in the gameplay and graphics

It is an arcade game which is though from a good developer and has a good title but has failed to make any sort of impact with the gamers. The plot is that you will play as off course batman and you are accompanied by robin on the mission to save Gotham city from the evil Riddler and his allies who are dispersed all over the city. You will get engaged in hand to hand fights with the henchmen who are both strong and lazy and have their own power levels. Being a game from a famous developer, many thought that the graphics and the animations in the game will be amazing but I guess they have disappointed their fans. The animations are though good enough for many but they are not as good as the title of the game should support. It makes the action pretty much obscure and childish and not the one which we would like to see in a game with this theme. The backgrounds in the game are typical Gotham style background but they have not introduced much of a variety. The sounds in the game are fine and so are the controls. It's an average game overall.

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