Iron Man /XO Man o' War in Heavy Metal

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Beat em up

A poor action game

It is an action beat him up game which has failed to excite any of the action gamers out there. The plot here is that you have two similar looking characters in which one is the Iron Man. The gameplay is conventional which involves beating the bad guys on site. Action games need to have diverse action elements in terms of the weapons and the gameplay but this game lacks both these factors. The environments or the set up at every level are pretty average and repetitive and this really makes the gameplay boring. The controls have not been synced well with the gameplay and you have no real control over the hero that you play. The hero cannot do much in terms of the action moves and this really makes the game fall short of anything such as excitement. The only good thing in the game is that there are many villains from the marvel comic series but again they have not been designed well and have similarities. The graphics in the game are also pretty average and the user interface is also not satisfactory. Action games have far better classics than this one and the one i want to recommend you is Fatal Fury 3.

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