X-Men: Children of the Atom

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Cartoon Beat em up

Fighter and beat em up brawler with the X-Men

In X-Men: Children of the Atom you will take on a journey at the helm of your favorite X Men, whether that be Wolverine, Dr. X, or whomever else. The cast of the original animated and comics series is present in full; now, this is more of a brawler, sidescroller game, but the number of moves per character, of special attacks and plain attacks is pretty huge; it almost feels like you are playing a fighter game, with continually scrolling lists of enemies coming at you. Sure, the boss fights feel that way, mostly, while the street encounters are definitely less diverse and challenging, rather more clearly tuned towards classic punching out. Plus, graphically X-Men: Children of the Atom takes on the vibe of the modern animated series look, less that of the original cartoons, but I don't think it will push purists away; the animations and sounds are really buff like, really charged, and so the vibe of the game is a very energizing one. Therefore, when punching your way about and using X Men superpowers is what you're looking for, X-Men: Children of the Atom will deliver a mighty punch. A good alternative is also FX Fighter, which, while not as colorful or featuring well known characters, is still a pretty fun action fighter game with a similar kind of vibe.

Superheroes attack

Ok, superheroes are cool. They are the coolest thing ever. There is almost no boy that wasn't some kind of a superhero at some time in his life. Everybody's got their favorite superheros. It's only logical, after comics and cartoon and movies to make games about superheroes and this one is about superheroes fighting each other. This game is very simple beat'em up arcade in its gameplay. You chose a X-Men superhero, your friend chose another one, and then beat each other sensless. In the game, of course. The one who gets two out of three matches, wins! You don'get to show off your superpowers, but by making regular kicks and hits, your "X-Power" gauge fills up a little by little until it gets full, and then you can perform your special X-Ability move. That's something that distinguish this from other figthing games, but the problem with those special moves is that they require a very complicated combination of buttons to be pressed that the player won't know how to do it or won't make it in time. First drawbacks in this game whilst the second is the mediocre visuals. But I wouldn't let that discourage you. You should at least give it a try because it's fighting between X-Men superheroes and that at least has got to be some kind of fun. You could like it.

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