Batman Forever

Action 1995 Windows Acclaim Cartoon Beat em up

Batman in a beat 'em up

Batman Forever is another typical game release for a movie, that is mediocre at best. The game genre is a mix between a side scrolling platform game and a fighting game. The game has a fighting style like Mortal Kombat, however the fighting moves are far less responsive in Batman Forever. The game was released on several consoles including Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System and PC. Even the gameboy had a port of the game Batman Forever. As like the majority of movie game adaptations, the game barely follows the storyline that resembles the movie, missing out on huge potential. However if you are a huge Batman fan, then this game will be for you. The game clearly reeks of 90's video game nostalgia for anyone that wants to relive their years from that era and as mentioned it was available on many different consoles even the Sega Game Gear. From what I remember playing as a kid the game wasn't that bad, but it does not stand up to any modern day games, however, it is worth playing if you are really into Batman. You get to play as a selection of the characters, Batman or Robin, the game is essentially a Beat'em Up, a little bit like Double Dragon. You get a grappling hook that shoots out of Batman's belt but often it is unresponsive and doesnt grip properly. An overall mediocre game at best.

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