Battle Chess 2

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Chinese chess blend with great animations

The original Bettle Chess was an animated game of chess, over a top down board with colorful and fantasy themed chess pieces. This second game, instead, it wants to offer the same treatment of Chess, however, instead of adding better graphics and animations to classic chess, this one is dedicated to Chinese chess. The gist is the same though: you play in turns, and the pieces are well animated and look pretty cool. They behave a little differently than the European, classic counterpart, but still, the game has a tutorial and thus you can learn the basics in a small amount of time. You can choose to play against opponents of different skill sets, and thus, you can play against better or lesser opponents, depending on how much of a challenge you want them to pose. When you attack a unit, a cool animation is used, which is the cool and interesting part about this series, as it has always been additive, offering you eye candy for your strategic effort! A less graphically intense version of Chinese chess is also Chinese Chess Master which, while back and white and bidimensional, is still highly playable.

Dynamic animated chess

You may be a bit discouraged from playing Battle Chess 2 when you see that this is a game of Chinese chess instead of the one we all know and play, but don't be - the rules are not all that different and once you get the hang of it, it will be a walk in the park.. As far as playing chess goes. The gameplay is as dynamic and fun as the original Battle Chess. What is really cool and is carried on from the first game is the animation of the chess pieces which don't remain static when moving. Each piece has it's little animation when it is moved and there a ton of different combinations, so it will be a blast watching chess pieces behaving like real people and you'll want to play the game a lot of times to see the various combinations. It's like a real battlefield! The graphics are very rich and colorful and the animation is not too slow, so the game is going to be very fast paced. I suggest you try it out, and you should also try a very neat chess game in the way of Star Wars called Star Wars Chess.

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