Star Wars Chess

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Software Toolworks Chess Strategic scope

Empire or Republic, chess version

This game is a very nice idea to attract both chess and Star Wars fans. Much like Battle Chess, this is an ordinary chess game, only with animated battles fought by Star Wars characters, making you finaly feel that the chess board is, in fact, a battlefield, and that you are, in fact, in a war, and it's not just pieces and tactics. The animation sequences are great to look at, sometimes quite funny. Instead of bishops, you have the Yoda, the king and queen are in fact Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, the knight is Chewbacca himself, and the pawns are actually a bunch of R2D2's. Absolutely fantastic! What I loved the most is how the moves of the chess pieces are followed by the short little tunes that are appropriate for each character. This game was a fabulous idea and I love it so much! This game made chess, usually considered a tedious game, a fun and exciting game and I think a lot of people will think more stronlgy about the oldest tactical wargame of all time.

Chess game

Star Wars Chess is a Windows 3.x chess game in the tradition of the venerable Battle Chess, in that the game plays out just like any chess game, but with animated battles between the pieces. This, of course, is very entertaining to any Star Wars fans, and while the outcomes of most of the battles are not canon, many of them are also quite funny, especially C3PO's. Highly recommended for both Star Wars fanatics and Battle Chess players.

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