Dino Wars

Simulation 1990 Dos DigiTek Board games Chess

Put your army of dinosaurs to work!

How about a game, chess like, but with dinosaurs? Well, for me it was a proposition I could not forego, as I'm all in for dinosaur based games! For you, I don't know.. It all depends on how much love you have for grid based, chess like tactical games. In this game you will be the general/commander of an army of dinosaurs, but, as in chess, you will have to learn their possible moves as well as the inherent strategies to make your rounds count more. Chess is not only the superficial layout type deal here, Chess is also the game around which this creation arranges its moves and strategy. But, as you'd have guessed, the game is much less complicated, and thus it can be learned (though, surely not mastered) in a matter of a few gameplay sessions. Graphically it works and, adding variety, the playing fields also display obstacles of all sorts. There is also an Archon action portion to the game, as an encounter is decided “face to face” by the dinosaurs battling based on life points and their abilities. So, that's pretty much the package, not overwhelming, not too original, but dinosaurs abound! You got to love dinosaurs to play this game!

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