Fields of Battle

Strategy 1995 Windows BevelStone World Wars

A fun but simple wargame

This is a rather simplistic turn based wargame set in the time of World War I and challenges you to a war across Europe, Mid West and Russia. Over 9 scenarios, none particularly long, you get to fight wars, build units and track resource production. There are not a lot of options available to you other than unit placement and object building so, if you are looking for complete control, you will be disappointed. But still, the game's AI is incredibly good and challenging and apparently learns from its mistakes, so you will have a nice time thinking and strategizing your movement and actions. That feature makes a seemingly simple game a lot more interesting than on the first look. The graphics are relatively nice but not overly complex, and the same can be said about the game's music and sound effects. If you like a light wargame for a few hours of fun, this is a good choice. If you are interested in a bit more complex game, try Panzer General or Advanced Civilization.

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