Crusade in Europe

Strategy 1986 Dos MicroProse World Wars

Dated war game, almost unplayable today

The bits that are used to create a tabletop war game are all there, in Crusade in Europe, but, the refinement necessary to create a nice, interesting experience is anything but well captured. The map itself, which could have been even lower fi and could have been functional, is unfortunately brought down by information trying to be squeezed in too much. So, when you can't really look at it without squinting and giving yourself a headache, the game simply doesn't manage to offer you a proper manner to be viewed. But, if somehow you manage to get past this graphical quandary, you will soon learn that the game tries to pack in too much wargaming options in an envelope that is furthermore not suited for an elegant play session. The fact that the few scenarios that are on offer are actually historically accurate doesn't really help that much, either, given all the issues I've mentioned above. So, the rule that a military simulation has to be fun is never more obvious here. The building blocks are all there, but they're not used properly, they are simply not well enough crafted to allow you to enjoy the game as you should.

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