Roadwar Europe

Strategy 1987 Dos Dosbox SSI Alternate History Top down Military

Postapocalyptic top down RPG, Zeldaesque and lots of fun

If you crave an RPG of the Zelda play style, then you're pretty sure to hit the jackpot with Roadwar Europe. Also, if you're tired of child like stories in these RPGs, again, you'll be lucky, this game sure knows how to present a setting that is very reminiscent of Fallout, though the post holocaust location where the game takes place (Europe) is not driven to survival mode by an atomic conflagration, instead it is the result of war. The game's theme, as serious as it is, doesn't impede on playability either. In Roadwar Europe you will play a most immediate top down RPG, simple to control, simple to understand the rules and encumbered by no unnecessary elements. What may not be completely to your liking is the way the game depicts the kind of scenario it depicts: this postapocalyptic world has little to do with the deserted world of Fallout, instead it is a world where the nature has taken over, which kind of seems unlikely, but then again, as I said, the gameplay in not encumbered by this. So, yeah, a pretty down to earth RPG, very NES styled, but with a mature story nonetheless.

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