B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th

Simulation 2000 Windows Akella Flight Historical Combat

Bombs away, with style

Playing B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th is somewhat odd experience. It is not your regular shoot them down game, and it's not a full fledged combat/flying sim. It takes a different turn, putting you in a position of a crafty bomber captain. You can manually operate any of the planes ten combat stations, from piloting to dropping bombs on unsuspecting Nazis. If you're expecting a lot of boom-bang-trash action, you're looking at the wrong game. Focus is on the cooperation of the bomber crew, so that each station performs it's duties perfectly. That is where this game shines the most. One could even say it has a touch of an MMO, you can really feel the team spirit, the atmosphere aboard the vessel. This is what makes it so great and fun to play. Graphics are decent, you can still play the game with some degree of awe, but when it came out it was truly a joy to behold. Gameplay is good, but as i said before, air combat is not where this game shines. So, expect some very very jiggly bombers and even more so fighters. Very much unlike Falcon 4.0, which was your super realistic fighter sim. Sound and music are nicely done, just enough to make your time aboard the plane comfortable. So, if you like dabbling about on WWII air crafts, and enjoy dropping some candy on the Nazis, go get this game. It wont disappoint.

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