Men of Valor

Action 2004 Windows Sierra 3D Military FPS Fpp Shooter action Historical

Let's go to war

Taking its cues from the similarly themed Medal of Honor series, this is a fairly standard Vietnam-era first person shooter that is decent enough, but a little lacking in individuality. It's enjoyable enough though, thanks to the mix of intense action, slight sense of realism and some well scripted moments that add to the feeling of cinematic immersion, so if you are a fan of the genre, this is worth closer inspection. You find yourself in the boots of an ordinary grunt as he is thrust into the nightmares and chaos of the Vietnam war. You'll venture through jungles, swamps and other such evocative environments as you lead a squad of men through a series of challenging missions that take you deep into enemy territory. There's a good range of weapons to pick up along the way, each of which feels pretty authentic, while to add to the feel, there's a lot of licensed sixties music and which is used to back up the many scripted events. The Vietnam War isn't one which has seen a lot of games, so this one is refreshing in its use of the conflict if nothing else. Fortunately, there's a lot of other things to like about it too, including the range of missions, the involving narrative and of course, the many set pieces, which are genuinely thrilling and really make you feel as if you're part of it all. The game lacks the fluidity of modern shooters, so you feel like you have to stand and shoot rather than run 'n' gun, but this isn't a huge problem, so when you consider the still fine visuals and varied action, this makes for a good time.

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