Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Action 2005 Windows ak tronic Software & Services War Military FPS Shooter Fpp Strategy Shooter action Historical

The next level to war

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood is the sequel to the sensational Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. For those who really enjoyed the first part of the series, the release of this game was remarcable, since it came out after a few months in the same year as Road to Hill 30. This new edition brings new features, new types of weapons and guns. The characters, the team work and the solidary spirit during the tough times of the War remain the same. The single and multiplayer missions are longer, more competitive, and put you in difficult situations, that need tactical approach in order to survive. The new mode Skirmish gives you the opportunity to complete new missions, and allows you to choose between an American soldier or a German one. I have to complain about one thing though: the difficulty to shoot the more intelligent enemies, and you always have to use the zoom, which can make you lose time. This time you play a sergeant named Joe Hartsock, which appears in the cutscenes before every mission, reporting to his superior informations concerning the endings of these missions. This can help you in the process of solving objectives. But at every step, you will have your squad that covers your back. Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood will definitely raise the adrenaline level in your blood!

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