Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company War Military FPS

Realistic modern military operations FPS

The Joint Operations franchise has always had an interest in depicting the realities of modern warfare, in a ll sort of diverse scenarios: deserts, modern city warfare, jungle, etc. The point of view however has always been that of the one shooting, of the private or some other soldier, and so, if you were looking for such a game, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising will surely deliver. Graphically the game is exquisitely well produced, maybe on par with the competing franchise of the time Call of Duty, but, this one's missions were a bit freer and less scripted than the former's. Don't expect a full blown sandbox, though, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising was more of a multiplayer intended game, and it was there that the game shone in its true glory, as the single player campaign was more of a tutorial, though, truth be told, it wasn't as bland as some other games'. But all in all, you'll go back to this one if you feel like going for a jungle crawl or if you want to experience the thrill of war first hand. The game is quite eager to simulate actual battle realities, so don't expect to be some Rambo on a berserk streak, cover and united offensive is the winning strategy here.

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