Battlehawks 1942

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Naval War

Furious and fun flight simulation

It is one of the earlier games in the genre of flight simulation game which has a lot to good features if you go with the time when it was released. You will either play here as a Japanese or an American. It is a furious flight simulation game where you have diving bombers, torpedoes, flying fighters and a good variety of weaponry to create chaos. The graphics supporting this game or not much hi-fi and is obvious if we consider those times. Basically you have 2D graphics with EGA colors. The sounds in this game are truly in line with the furious battles that take place. The user interface is supported by good maps and navigation bars which help you against the other fighters in the air. The A1 is also great because the enemies will give you a really tough time at every other mission. The controls are equally supportive for both joystick and keyboard and the game runs fine on some of the older computers. It is not as competitive as the other flight simulation games which have made big impact, but is still a game that can hit your collection easily. The game which has got quite close to this scenery is the 1942: The Pacific Air War.

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