Silent Service 2

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This submarine sim has pretty much lost its buoyancy

Before the famed Silent Hunter submarine sim came to be, if you wanted to experience the life of a submersible crew back in the 90s, Silent Service was the game to try out. MicroProse had created a really interesting combination of strategy and fighting/shooting and with this second iteration it took the recipe a step further. The range of simulated paraphernalia includes a simulated ocean in which you order your submarine where to proceed. You will be tasked to hunt down enemy vessels, most of the time battle ships. You have to manage your own ships, make sure you stay invisible, micromanage a host of details regarding pressure, hull integrity, etc.The most fun portion of the game is the periscope hunt, where you need to set the trajectory of your underwater projectiles and to manage the direction of your periscope. You might feel overwhelmed at times, given that quite a lot of details are simulated, direction of waves, the movement of the ships, speed of your own submarine, etc.You would expect a 1990's sim to be a bit harsh on the learning curve, but Silent Service 2 doesn't really seem worth the trouble. Unless you've tried it years ago and want to experience it again, there are a few other classics that will be friendlier to newbies of the genre: rather go for the older Silent Hunter games.

Pacific-theater submarine simulation

SS2 is a submarine simulation game by the famous Microprose. It features both a high level of historical realism and a relatively simple, intuitive control system. This game's perspective is strictly that of the USN in the Pacific. Many different submarine types are available, depending on the year you enter service.The graphics are nice, clear, 256-colour VGA and identifying enemy ship types is not too hard. The sound is ok if you have an Adlib or Soundblaster card, but tend to grate after a while if you just use the PC speaker. The AI is decent, using their guns, depth charges and even ramming to defend against your sub. I can definitely recommend this classic to any naval warfare gamer.

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