USS John Young

Simulation 1990 Dos Magic Bytes Naval War

Glug glug glug

Naval simulator fans might be curious about this old-school offering but unfortunately, it's one of those games which hasn't aged all that well and now stands as little more than a curiosity, so you're better off sticking with Silent Hunter for your maritime thrills. The game takes place in what was the near future of 1995 (the game was released in 1990) and paints a frighteningly plausible scenario where the Persian Gulf situation has accelerated out of control and which now pits Iran, Iraq and the US against one another in a situation which can only end badly. You're thrust into control of the titular destroyer and charged with securing the area and maintaining the peace. During the course of your duties, you'll have to complete a number of difficult missions, most of which revolve around the usual sub hunting, convoy protecting and search and destroy tasks. As commander, you have to keep track of a million things, from deploying crew to taking out the bad guys when you find them and plotting your course while keeping an eye on your fuel. In theory, this could have been an entertaining little romp but these days it looks sadly outdated and a bit on the clunky side. Things aren't helped by the less than intuitive interface which is just too awkward to navigate when first starting out and which makes things overly frustrating. The action itself isn't all that thrilling either and there are many moments of tedium as you navigate the high seas. Throw in the less than impressive visuals and you're left with a bit of a clunker.

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