Silent Service

Simulation 1985 Dos Microprose Naval Simulator

Realistic and detailed sub sim

Silent Service is one of games industry legend Sid Meier's earliest games, and demonstrates his fascination with making ultra-detailed military sims (see also Gunship and F-19 Stealth Fighter amongst others). This one takes to the seas and places gamers in the shoes of a submarine commander, tasked with knocking out Japanese shipping in the Pacific Ocean during World War 2. Although graphically crude, Silent Service scores highly for its intense realism, attention to historical detail and its complexity. Real world submarine tactics can be used to achieve your missions, adding to the game's sense of immersion and although there is none of the claustrophobia that most people associate with subs, the sense of tension that accompanies your covert assaults is palpable. Gameplay is suitably tricky, and success requires finesse and forward planning so this will suit those of a tactical nature. Players expecting hi-tech graphics and fast-paced action will be disappointed, but for those with more patience, this remains a rewarding and engrossing title. It also acts as a significant record in the career of a highly influential designer and as a noteworthy part of gaming history.

Periscope up!

Not to be confused with Secret Service, the game is a good introduction to the submarine simulation genre. Developed by MicroProse, Silent Service was also designed by Sid Meier, so, a real good chance to get and play it. The game is mostly a submarine simulation game, where you need to guide your submarine and destroy enemy ships. The controls for guiding the submarine is not like in any RTS game, but you need to use the different object from the HUD, like right rudder, go up, go down, selecting a speed for your submarine etc. The periscope is, kind of useless, because it doesn't change to a first person perspective, but, since we are inside a submarine, it's a worth getting it. The graphics aren't very impressive, but it's DOS at the beginning, you're surely ejoy this tiny simulation game.

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