Simulation 1988 Dos Cosmi Corporation Naval War

Disappointingly limited

For a simple slice of undemanding military action, then Navcom-6 is worthy of a brief investigation but it lacks that special magic to keep anyone but the most hardened of retro fans playing for anything other than a short while. As the commander of a naval cruiser, it's up to the player to patrol the waters of the Persian Gulf, protecting those that sail within from a variety of deadly threats. You have a few mission types to choose from here, including Convoy Escort, Patrol and Dawn of Death. These require you to run escort duty on a convoy, blasting any attackers from the water or simply to explore the ocean and blast anything you find to floating wreckage. Enemies can include the likes of other ships as well as jets and even mines, and which adds to the complexity but to be honest, on the whole, this is fairly simplistic stuff which soon gets repetitive. Despite the game's intriguing setting, there simply isn't enough to keep you interested, with little in the way of variety and a distinct lack of options to keep armchair commanders hooked. The graphics and sound are equally unimpressive, with eye candy being distinctly thin on the ground while effects are minimal and add little to the game's appeal. Overall, Navcom-6 just feels a little half-hearted and incomplete and really this is only worth playing for dedicated naval or retro fans. If you're looking for something a little more satisfying in this genre, then check out Action Stations or Red Sky at Morning, and either game should prove a lot more entertaining than this disappointment.

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