Bazooka Sue

Adventure 1997 Windows Dosbox Starbyte Software Third Person

Saving the world with a half woman, half swine lady!

Bazooka Sue sure is a special lady' she's a half breed, half woman, half a pig...lady (!) and her mission in the game is to save the world. The game, delivered as an adventure, is pretty sweet, especially if you like classic point and click, with a bit of a gaudy edge. Because gaudy lurks around in every corner of the game. Thus, as long as you like cartoony adventures, Bazooka Sue is going to offer you a very satisfying experience. So, overall, with that Lucas Arts kind of production, and with lots of cool puzzles, Bazooka Sue sure offers you an advanced, funny, exciting and always fun experience. The problem is that you'll need to have a German speaking friend helping you out, as the game is in German only. Or know the language. And, if you want something of the same nature but in English, even more gaudy and with sexual overtones, download Lula, another lady of the... night in a quest, not as world saving, but fun enough as well! Yet, for German speakers, Bazooka Sue will certainly not disappoint.

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