Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods

Adventure 1998 Windows JC Research Third Person

The taste of an action letdown…is ungodly!

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods was quite a promise maker: ahead of its generation graphics, a combination of action and strategy with just the right amount of RPG elements and a story involving the last retreat of the gods. But, while the promises sounded big, the end result was quite a mess of a game, with a ton of bugs and no gameplay element too well defined or delivered. On one hand, the fact that the game tried to do things differently is worth applauding. After all trying something that was not canon was not that usual, furthermore so given the AAA nature of the game. But, undoubtedly, the game could have definitely been better. So rather go for Dune, the original game, as it too was a combination of adventure and this time proto RTS, if you want to go for a more strategic game, or, Sacred, if you're in for a more RPG flavored experience. Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods might have tried to be original but in the end it is a good old fashioned letdown, worth playing only if you want a taste of a badly put together hybrid.

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