Secret Mission

Adventure 1996 Dos Microids Third Person Mystery

An amnesiac s journey goes berserk in the nick of time!

Secret Mission is like the gaming adventure equivalent of Rambo! Both start rather believably, Secret Mission with this guy not really knowing what's up with him, just woken up in some unknown hotel room. Quite fast though, the world goes crazy around him, and the makings of a really intricate and out of this world B movie plot line come into view. As such, you'd be hard pressed to not enjoy it, if, say, you like Indiana Jones roller coaster ride type adventures, where nothing is too out of this world to not be deemed alright for the game. Graphically, storywise and well, overall quality, Secret Mission is a pretty decent game, however, you will need to put up with some irksome quirks, some that have to do with the game's controls, some that have to do with the puzzles and generally, the not so good polish the game was given. So, I can only say that, if you like adventurous adventures with that oldschool vibe but updated graphics, Secret Mission can get the job done pretty neatly. Heck, it might even impress you here and there, while overall being better than average.

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