Beach Head: Desert War

Action 2003 Windows Digital Fusion Military FPS Casual

Take 'em down!

This seems to be a continuation of the surprisingly long-running Beach Head series which started way back in the 8-bit glory days of the Speccy, Commodore, BBC and Amstrad and continued with Beach Head 2000 and Beach Head 2002. However, while the original titles have a bit of the nostalgia factor to them and can be excused for their lack of sophistication, this modern take on things is little more than a dull and repetitive shooter with little to recommend it. The game is basically set in what is apparently the Iraqi desert and puts you in charge of a gun turret which is the last line of defense against the oncoming hordes of the enemy. You can rotate 360 degrees and your only real goal is to blast the living daylights out of everything that comes your way, including APC, aircraft and tanks. You'll get pickups like extra weapons, while some levels take place at night and give you access to night vision and flares to light up the bad guys, with the whole game simply being wave after wave of them to blow away. As far as simplistic shooters go, this isn't bad stuff but there's no denying that any appeal it does have is going to be pretty short-lived. It's fun to start with, as you spin and blast away, while the extra weapons are quite satisfying and the variety of enemies challenging and enjoyable to destroy. However, it doesn't take long before you realize that's all there is to the game, and thanks to the desert theme, the visuals soon get as bland as the gameplay. Pick this up if all you really want to do is spank the fire button but if you want something a bit more engaging, look elsewhere.

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