Strategy 1984 Dos Dosbox Dan Baker Top down

An ANSI egg crushing beast!

Here's a cut arcader, the kind which only the Russians would have been proud to have created, by taking ideas form the Game and Watch series of portable games and adding a spin to them. Alright, this isn't about wolves and the quench for eggs, but actually a very stylized game which feels mostly like a puzzler or like a very minimalist action game. You get these blocky, pixilated ANSI mazes and you have to crash the eggs, represented by a single square that is more intensely green than the other dots. Crush them all and you've won. But be careful, you might end up blocking your way, which will prematurely end the game. So yeah, a cool, simple and yet interesting puzzle/action game, not too long lived but definitely worth a go. And, definitely, for its ANSI graphics limitations, it sure looks alright. Try it! Else, here's a few other options for you: Tetris, with which this game shares the basic bricks (hehe!) and Spelunky, for those that love caverns and exploration! Oh, and Supaplex is worth a look as well, for somewhat a similar

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