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A strategy game/scavenger hunt puzzle

Fooblitzky is a game you should attempt to play only after you've made sure you've also downloaded PDF or otherwise, versions of the paler maps that accompanied the game. Also, the game's manual is a must, definitely have that one around to know what you need to do and to get an idea of the in-game story. So, to put it simply, Fooblitzky the digital download is but a portion of Fooblitzky the game; it is a strategy, a puzzle game that is played competitively against the computer or other actual players. The game uses off in game objects to suggest clues and to give you snippets of story, though the four objects the winner needs to located are different with every new game. So, with that said, the game almost feels like an ARG, an quite an intense one, even if the computer portion is pretty minimal, and cartoony. But, as any mini ARG like, it will truly haunt you, but, as I said, make sure you've already managed to get all the supplemental maps and notebooks, so that you can play the game properly. A similar, yet much simplified version of this game is delivered by LeGame, a good option if you can't find all the real world items of Fooblitzky.

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