Beer War

Simulation 1997 Windows Dan's Software Business Tycoon style

The battles for beer domination!

Beer War is an economic simulation game, one that is based around the ideas of building a beer distribution empire. As you can imagine the economic sim is pretty intense, and it will keep you interested for hours on end. Also, what this game does a great job of, is offer you the gist of beer production, of beer distribution and so on, actually looking pretty serious at the world of beer. It's also not a cartoonish game, the graphics, the graphs, the interactions and all of the other portions of the game are all pretty interesting and pretty well done, so that you will keep playing and actually having a true go at what it means to be a beer monger! While serious, it is however pretty fun to play also, as it never takes itself ultra serious in terms of micromanagement. A cool and even simpler economics heavy game can also be Pizza Tycoon, which, as the name suggests will put you in charge of the operations of running a pizza chain, and managing to take it all to the next level. SO, have these games in your collection, along with some sliced pizza and a cold beer, to entertain yourself! Great games and junk food and beverages all work great together!

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