Economic War

Simulation 2001 Windows Focus Home Interactive Business Civil Politics Strategy

Wage war on an economic scale

If you enjoy strategy simulators and games like Risk or Dogs of War, then this neat little experience might just be worth adding to your collection. It's a little bit vague and unfocused in terms of its intentions, but for the right kind of niche gamer, this has some appeal. You're essentially thrust into the role of the political leader of a nation and charged with guiding your people to the good times of economic heaven. As with other similar games, there's a wealth of options available to you to help achieve this, so you'll be able to seek out and make use of various resources, send in spies to mess around with your rivals by corrupting and blackmailing members of government. You'll have to keep your voters happy by providing them with everything they need and want, while keeping your rivals out of the game. You'll face threats like nuclear war and can decide to send in the troops to settle any arguments you might have. In essence, Economic War isn't a bad little game and it can provide some entertainment if you're in the right frame of mind. There's certainly a fair amount to keep you busy and there's lots of decisions to test your political skills. However, the game suffers from a lack of focus and from the sheer fact that it's sometimes hard to figure out just what you're trying to accomplish. You'll play the first missions and win them but you won't figure out how it all happened, something which gets frustrating quite quickly. It's a shame really as there a core of a good idea here, it's just let down by poor execution.

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