Der Planer 2

Simulation 1996 Windows Dosbox Greenwood Entertainment Business Tycoon style

From transportation newbie to world domination mogul!

Der Planer 2 takes the recipe established by the first game in the series and runs with it, mostly branching out, offering you so many more options. At any rate, Der Planer 2 is the kind of game that while focused on managerial tasks in the realm of transportation of freight, there are also missions that branch out into guarding services, vacation and sightseeing services and tour guides and more. The game maps cover a large part of Europe, Scandinavia as well as USA. Furthermore, Der Planer 2 also brings about great economics managerial portions, as well as additional elements such as trivia questions, it includes robbery and other calamities, which greatly impact the game, in ways that are really good for creating a slightly tension drenched mood. It's still a mighty economics and planning management game, so don't worry, the branching out won't detract from these other secondary portions of the game. And, also, if you'd like a managerial game based on transportation, but with fewer secondary gameplay ideas, Transport Tycoon is the more concise alternative.

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