Beetlejuice: Skeleton in the Closet

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Hi-Tech Expressions Reflex oriented Arcade style

Isometric, ugly and almost unplayable...

Beetlejuice: Skeleton in the Closet puts you in a number of different screens that look like they've been devised by a color blind person, with no idea of how to create space or manage it. You play as Beetlejuice, but, unfortunately, your weapons are so stupid and so unfortunate. You can shoot spikes in a radius across the screen, which, is like, WTF? How about letting me target something, you know, how about letting me do something around here, except move like a crazed fool around. Oooh, and don't get me started on the backgrounds. The backgrounds in this game look like they're stolen from Day of the Tentacle, color wise, but they rarely have anything to do with the game, they look absolutely out of context. I mean come on, it's 1990, nothing technological is keeping you from giving up the insufferable combinations of green with reds and other colors like that. So, yeah, uninteresting, to say the least, unplayable unless you have something for overloaded kitsch and games that just have an all over the place esthetic, and a very basic gameplay/interactivity.

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