Daffy Duck

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Hi-Tech Expressions Education Cartoon

Daffy Duck, the private investigator!

In Daffy Duck, P.I.: The Case of the Missing Letters you play a very smart Daffy the Duck character, who, for some reason, has managed to get itself trained and has become a private eye. In a style that will remind you of a cartoony edutainment adventure, each of Daffy's cases takes place in one screen, and is more of a puzzle that you need to solve than anything else. It's fun, nevertheless. The overall idea, the educational theme of the game is that you need to learn the letters, and, since someone has stolen them, each puzzle involves finding a letter. After you find the letter in the scenery, you have to take it back to a word that is missing it, and put it in the right place. Graphically, Daffy Duck, P.I.: The Case of the Missing Letters looks like an alright DOS game, not too diverse, not too full of detail, but it has enough that it works and you're never left to wonder aimlessly for too long. Also, there is a bit of an action portion to the game, with shooting and some platforming, so you won't get bored too soon. Still, this is a kid's game, similar to Super Solvers, but based on letter and word recognition.

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