Day of the Tentacle

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Third Person Humorous

Probably Lucas Arts most original adventure game

There is a definitive tendency for people that describe games to use the term original quite a bit, it's handy, and, granted, if you haven't played a load of games, some would rightly merit the adjective linked to them. However, Day of the Tentacle was really wacky and crazy. For once, you will play as a squid... Don't sound too original? Well, that squid is the product of pollution and is looking to take over the world! That any more impressive to you?! Well, regardless of your take on crazy plot, you'll surely appreciate a game that while crazy with its puzzles, is never so crazy that you don't know what you have to be doing. Nope, this game's greatest achievement is that it managed to pack a lot of diverse puzzle experiences, without overloading you with loads of futile guesses, or with baking of your noodle that would just drive you to insane levels of frustration, as, unfortunately, many oldschool adventures would be in the business of doing. As such, Day of the Tentacle stands in a class of its own, with a uniquely told story, a fun packed load of puzzles, that at times might feel gratuitous and over the top, but well, it's a kind of adventure game high you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Maybe in Maniac Mansion, though, again, Day of the Tentacle is light years ahead of that on, in terms of story, puzzle design, visuals, animations and everything in between!

Classic adventure from LucasArts

First thing that I thought when I saw this game is "Man, this game is beautiful". And truly, the game really looks amazing. It has beautiful and full colors, such an unique and untypical game design, and fantastic animation. Then I saw it was a game from LucasArts. Of course. They brought us so many fantastic and beautiful games (the Monkey Island series being one of them), and this game is no exception. The plot may be a bit typical but the gameplay is awesome and extremely fun. I have to note that this is the first game to incorporate voice acting, and they did a damn good job out of it. To this day, the game remains popular in today's gaming culture for its great impact on adventure gaming, its funny and witty dialogues, and the great detail in characterization. The game truly is spectacular. It's very fun and entertaining, while not to challenging or too easy. I recommend this game especially to children for the cartoonish design and animation and for the cool and funny storyline.

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