Bermuda Syndrome

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Century Interactive Third Person Action based

An underdog and great adventure game

Here it is an adventure game with a very good and unique plot which has been sprinkled by fictitious elements and a very good gameplay. The plot is that you are a soldier of the US force and was taking part in the world war and your plane got crashed in some jungle. When you wake up from the crash, you find yourself in a fictitious world where they are some large deadly animals. Now all you have to do is to explore it, counter the enemies and to find a way out of the tangle. The gameplay as many say is very much like Prince of Persia (in the sense of jump and run style) but quite different in some if its aspects such as the variety of dialogues and the gaming options to choose. You can engage in conversations with other characters and they are basically voice conversations. In terms of the gameplay, everything runs in real time and is quite swift and lag free. The adventure is filled with many obstacles and puzzles to solve and becomes quite challenging as you advance on in levels. The graphics are absolutely perfect and the controls are good too. The game has been an underdog for some reason but I found it to be really fun, so you should go ahead and download it.

Interesting plot

Bermuda Syndrome is quite interesting game with original story, because it takes from a realistic setting into a fictional world. In the game, you play as Jack Thompson, a member of the US air force during the second world war. During a mission, your plane gets attacked and suddenly wake un in a fictional world. You can tell this that you were on a mission in Germany and you crash land in a jungle. Second before crash landing, you save a girl from being eaten from a tyranosaurus rex and from here your adventure begins. The gameplay style is similar of Prince of Persia, but with some original elements, like having to talk to other characters and choosing a dialog option.

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