Action 1984 Dos Science Fiction Arcade style

A space shooter; almost a classic!

Devastator is a game that in some circles is well known; you see, it used to be a game that was circulated pretty heavily on some BBSes, in the mid 80s, and given its small size, decent graphics, and overall nice construction, it was a pretty cool shooter game. It's got all the staples of shooters in space too; the waves of enemies, the upgrades that drift through space, just waiting to be collected, the secondary weapons which you want to spare as much as possible, given that they are pretty useful at destroying loads of enemies. Also, Devastator does a great job of having some well crafted bosses, which is why it creates a well behaved game, one that really knows how to manage itself, knows how to keep itself interesting. Also, controls wise, it's a pleasure to button; it responds immediately and your ship has a bit of a delay in stopping, which feels really cool! So, if you like games such as Space Commander but want something a little bit more advanced, with more graphical elements to it, you can be sure that Devastator will definitely offer you a great session.

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