Tom and the Ghost

Arcade 1990 Dos Blue Byte Puzzle based

Your mother has been kidnapped; find her!

Tom and the Ghost is a sidescroller action adventure and puzzler game in which you play a ghostly Sir Reginald Arrow, who chooses to aid the 7 year old boy called Tom. The boy and his mother were visiting a Scottish castle and while inside the Castle Tom's mother is kidnapped by ghosts. You might be just a kid, but you're not afraid, Sir Reginald senses that and he chooses to go on a hunt for the ghosts that took your mother, and maybe find out what the ghostly apparitions wanted with her. From there, the game is an alright sidescroller, action game, with lots of puzzles and lots of traps. It's got an 8bit, good looking style for the graphics, but unfortunately the interiors of the castle and the few outdoors areas are quite similar in look, and become boring after a while. But, there are lots of enemies to kill on your way, and that can prove pretty fun to do. It's, all things considered, a rather mediocre sidescroller, but it works. Download Bubble Ghost if you want a different kind of perspective on the activities of ghosts!

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